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Lose those unwanted inches with no pain, surgery, or side effects today!

ZERONA will transform your body in just 3 short weeks, our patients have seen an average  inch loss of 3.51 and up to 9 inches off their hips, waist, and thighs.  ZERONA has been FDA cleared to help you lose those inches, remove body fat, and contour your body without the need of any of those painful surgery procedures.  How ZERONA works is by creating a tiny pore in the wall of the  fat cell, this way the cells can remain healthy. Then the  fat is simply emptied through the open pore. Finally our body can safely and naturally remove the fat using the lymphatic system, which in turn will cause you to lose those unwanted inches. ZERONA treatments are a short, painless 20 min session on your front, then 20 min on your back.  And the best part is, after your done your 40 min session you can get back to your daily activities without any interruptions.  It's that Easy!

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